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Here's what our students say about our English lessons.

Andres new.jpg

Andres, Colombia

I am a Spanish native speaker and I can say that thanks to Brett Lessons and his commitment I am working abroad using my English skills. Brett’s teaching approaches are just effective, challenging and innovative, I still remember his lessons when I am using the language.


Emilie, France

I can't say enough thank you to Brett for the 3 months journey of online lessons. As he gives me heaps of information which I didn't hear before, this course has indeed improved my speaking skill to be more natural and fluent no matter what the situation is. Last but not least, it’s not « just an English lesson » because Brett is one of these intellectual teachers who will always try to go further, debates with you and improves your global culture.


Jack, China

Hi Brett, I would never forget that you are my first English teacher in New Zealand. Your rigorous working attitude in class allows me to know clearly what the teaching goals are. Although my English level is low, I can easily keep up. You are patient when answering questions from students. Your humorous style makes me feel that the class time is fast.

Marco new.jpg

Marco, Mexico

Brett is a great teacher with a very good methodology and very experienced in IELTS. His classes are dynamic and he gives very useful tips to help you achieve the score you need. I was able to get the overall 7.5 thanks to Brett!

Musaad new.jpg

Musaad, Saudi Arabia

Being in Brett's classes was a life-changing experience not just for IELTS but also for real-life English too. I'm listening to a podcast in English all the time now, watching and enjoying TV shows in English. I have done so many courses in different fields in English after Brett's classes. Highly recommend it!


Mike, Tahiti

Brett is punctual, smiling, and very outgoing. His kiwi accent might afraid you at first but do not feel too intimidated because the class still runs smoothly in an agreable atmosphere. The lessons were cleared and easy to follow. He is very responsive and has a great mastery of English so if you have any questions, feel free to talk to him. For me, I believe these are the qualities to succeed as a teacher.

Ji Eun New.jpg

Ji Eun, Korea

Hi, everyone I’m Janet (Jieun) from Korea.  I’d like to recommend you guys to meet and study with Brett who is the best English teacher I’ve met in my life. He is really considerate to students and very passionate about teaching. When I went to study English in New Zealand I didn’t even know how to speak English at all but I started taking Brett’s classes and after few months my English improved a lot and I was able to boost my confidence in speaking English. I was so lucky that I was able to meet Brett as my English teacher. I hope you guys can be the next lucky person like me.

Julien New.jpg

Julian, Colombia

Brett is an enthusiastic English teacher, who's always ready and willing to help his students. He has a unique teaching style which guarantees fast learning, and full comprehension. He involves all of the students in class, creating a good and proper ambiance during his lessons. Brett is organised, and always follow his schedule so all of the topics are covered at the end of the term.

Natthiya New.jpg

Natthiya, Thailand

I do love the way you explain difficult thing to me and also the activity you lead in the classroom that makes me more fun with the lessons. I gained a lot of experiences and I will recommend to everyone who wants to improve English skill.


Nancy, Korea

Brett could provide me with customised English lessons based on the parts which I'd like to improve. I liked making and practising dialogues together that I can use in actual life. And he is willing to help me not just with English but life things in NZ also. He is a good listener, kind teacher & nice friend!

Rumiko New.jpg

Rumiko, Japan

I liked your class when I studied in NZ. I always felt you put your heart into teaching. You’re so kind, gentle, and sometimes funny. Especially, your knowledge and teaching skill is great!!"


Carol, Korea

He is meticulous, considerate and looks after his students carefully. And he has a super nice voice so you can concentrate on the lessons very well.


Lin, China

Brett is a very responsible teacher.
He has both solid stuff and humor in his class. He didn't only help me improve my English, but also taught me how to write a cover letter and resume when I wanted to find a job. He taught me professionally how to standardise the format, use of words. Additionally, he patiently helped me revise and polish my resume. With his help, I successfully secured the role I wanted. 
I really appreciate him.

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