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Terms and Conditions

Terms & 

1. Scheduling Guidelines

At the commencement of lessons, a suitable weekly time slot (or slots) will be established between the teacher and student. However, to provide flexibility, students can reschedule lessons or change the time and/or day subject to the teacher's availability. 
Lessons are available during the following times.

7am to 10.00pm
7am to 9.30pm
7am to 9.30pm
7am to 9.30pm
7am to 4.00pm

Alternative times can be made available in certain circumstances.

2. Payment for Lessons and Courses

Payment for lessons and courses, needs to be received in advance of the lessons commencing. This can be done easily by internet banking the day before the lessons commence to allow for overnight processing. Alternative payment options can also be
arranged if the above doesn’t suit you.

3. Lesson Cancellation

​We understand that sometimes you will be unable to make a lesson that you have booked, but we ask that you give us at least 24 hours’ notice so we can re-utilize our time.  The following applies to both individual lessons and prepaid blocks of lessons. You may reschedule or cancel a scheduled lesson up to 24 hours prior to the lesson commencing. 


You may also reschedule your lesson between 4 and 24 hours prior to the scheduled lesson time.

If you cancel less than 4 hours before the lesson commences, we may be unable to reschedule or refund your lesson.  This reflects the fact that we may not be able to re- utilize this time for teaching.

If you cancel a lesson:
Your options are:
If I have to cancel a lesson:
Your options are:
Less than 4 hours
Full refund AND free rescheduled lesson
4-24 hours prior
Full refund or reschedule to an agreed time at no additional cost
More than 24 hours
Refund or reschedule

4. Refund of a Block of Lessons course fee

If you book and pay for a block of lessons, for example 10 hours of English Conversations lessons, you may need to cancel the remaining lessons before you have completed the course. In this situation, you are entitled to a refund for the remaining lessons. The refund will be based on the individual lesson rate for the lessons you have completed, so you will no longer receive the 10 hours block discount.

5. Technical Issues

In the unlikely event that there is a significant technical communication issue during an online lesson such as loss of audio, or poor quality audio, the student will be entitled to an extra lesson of the same duration for no extra fee at a mutually agreed time.

6. Privacy Policy

Students will need to provide contact information such as email, phone number and messaging app contact details to Language Elevator to ensure smooth and efficient communication with the teacher. Under no circumstances will these contact details be  provided to a third party or any other person not employed by Language Elevator. If it is thought to be in the student's interest to pass on their contact details, express permission will be sought from the student first before any such contact information is passed on to a third party.
Students will often submit writing as part of their study. This is stored by Language Elevator either digitally or in hard copy but will not be shared with anyone else without the express permission of the student or students concerned.

Any recording of Lessons must be disclosed by the Student to the Teacher and the Teacher's consent must be obtained in every event. Under no circumstances may Students or Teachers use recorded information without the express consent of the other party.

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