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When writing a letter or email in English it can be difficult to communicate your intended message clearly. We can help by correcting the grammar and structure of your letter so that the reader knows exactly what your message is. Your letter or email could be to a:

  • School, asking about enrolment or making a complaint.

  • Government organization, enquiring about immigration, taxation, or social welfare.

  • Lawyer, about a contract or a sale / purchase.

  • Business / potential customer, describing the services you offer.

  • Potential employer about a job opportunity, for example a cover letter.

Whatever the reason for your letter or email, we can improve the outcome by correcting it into simple, direct, and easy to understand English.

Prices of Writing Service

NZD 35 to NZD 50

per page, depending on the complexity of the email / letter 

NZD 55

For a job application cover letter, review, correction and recommendations

Methods of
Writing Service

There are two options.

1. Write your letter/email in English and send it to us either as an email, Google Doc or Word Doc. This option will suit people who already have reasonably good writing skills in English.

2. Write your letter/email in your first language and then use Google Translate to change the letter/email into English. Send us the English version either as an email, Google Doc or Word Doc. This option is better if you have good writing skills in your first language, but are not confident writing in English.

We will then correct the grammar and tone of the letter/email to reflect whether it needs to be formal, semi formal or less formal. We will then send you back the corrected letter/email showing the  changes that have been made.

Writing Perfect English

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