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Conversational English lessons are designed to improve your English speaking and listening skills.  The main focus is to improve your confidence and fluency when speaking English in a two-way conversation. We do this in various ways, such as:


  • Learning idioms, Kiwi slang and common phrasal verbs that are useful in conversations and practising how to use this vocabulary through speaking exercises.

  • Speaking role plays that are based on your work situation, social situations you often find yourself in, visiting the doctor or other appointments, and shopping scenarios like buying clothes.

  • Improving pronunciation skills. This includes learning the natural rhythm and stress patterns in English; being taught how to make difficult or confusing sounds, for example, R & L or B & V or F & P;  and learning connected speech which is how we join words together and change the sounds of certain words while we are speaking.

  • Doing exercises which help you to think in English rather than in your first language to increase spontaneity and naturalness when speaking.


Listening skills often naturally improve along with your speaking fluency. We often focus on real life listening skills by listening to the news and different accents in English. We can also practise telephone conversations which are often particularly difficult, because you can't see the person speaking, and the connection sometimes distorts or interferes with the speaker's voice. We can also practise body and hand gestures which can be an important part of a conversation.   ​

Why study English Conversation
with Language Elevator?

I taught English Conversation classes for 3 years at Dominion English School teaching beginner to advanced students from 17 different countries! I've also taught English Conversation and pronunciation privately to students from 7 countries.


As part of my Certificate of Language Teaching at Unitec, I studied the challenges students from different countries have when speaking English, including pronunciation. Since then, I've developed techniques, exercises and role plays focusing on particular challenges speakers of other languages sometimes have, most recently with students from Korea, France, India, China, Japan and Russia.

" I love seeing my conversation students gain confidence and fluency in English speaking and the happiness they get from taking their confidence and English skills into their workplaces, and social and everyday life situations. " 

Prices of English Conversation Lessons

NZD 450

for a course of 8 x 1 hour  private lessons.

Online or face to face

NZD 60

 for a one hour private lesson. Online or face to face

NZD 350

per student for a course of 

10 hours of lessons

if two students.

Online or face to face

Discount Prices

 available for groups of three or more students

(maximum 6 students).

Online or face to face

Request a Free 1 Hour

English Conversation Lesson

Structure of Conversation Lessons

English Conversation lessons are equally effective both face to face and online. Normally lessons are one hour long, but they can be 90 minutes. Most students tend to do one hour per week, but you can do two or three hours per week if you want to improve your confidence and fluency more quickly.

You can book and schedule conversational English lessons on a casual or weekly basis or pre-purchase a block of 8 hours of lessons for a 8% discount!

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