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Our Business English lessons are designed to improve your English in the workplace. You may be an employee in a corporation, running your own business, or looking for a new job. Improving your Business English will help you to be more successful in your current role, improve your communication with customers, or help you get that new job.​

A course of Business English lessons can include the following topics and skill development:

  • The language of meetings. Listening skills, making suggestions, agreeing and disagreeing.

  • Preparing and giving presentations using PowerPoint. How to time your speaking and make clear points as well as answering questions.

  • Negotiating with customers and suppliers and making deals.

  • Speaking and listening on the telephone. This is often difficult even for native English speakers and can be especially challenging when English is your second language.

  • Vocabulary of finance, accounting, marketing, taking and confirming orders.

  • Specialised business language. Business euphemisms, idioms, phrasal verbs and jargon.

  • Writing emails to customers, suppliers and colleagues.  What level of formality should you use?

  • Report writing. This includes the structure of reports, essential vocabulary and writing executive summaries.

  • Job seeking. Writing a CV and a cover letter. Interview skills including how to present yourself, body language and how to give great answers to the most common questions asked in an interview.


A Business English course can be personalised to focus on the topics and skills that you need to be successful and improve your confidence and skills within your job or business.

Why study Business English with Language Elevator?

As well as being a qualified English as second language teacher  (CELTA, Certificate in Language Teaching), I also have a Bachelor of Commerce and Administration from Victoria University. I worked for a large consulting firm (Deloitte) for many years where I gave many presentations to small and large audiences and wrote and presented reports to a large range of clients in diverse industries.​

I also worked at the New Zealand Treasury writing reports for the Minister of Finance, Cabinet and other Government agencies. All reports were subject to rigorous peer review which focused on precise and unambiguous English.

As a teacher at Dominion English School (a Category 1 English school), I taught the Job Seeker Programme, which focused on CV and cover letter writing, job applications, and job interview skills.


"We partnered with Brett at the Language Elevator to help us develop our diverse team's communication and customer service skills. The outcome far exceeded our expectations and our diverse team provided exceptional feedback on the content and delivery of the program. We are already in the process of scheduling more sessions for our new team members to attend" Marsha Moller, GM Corporate Services, Xtreme Productivity

"It was such a great experience learning Business English with Brett. He was flexible arranging the lessons according to my needs, and also  gave me the helpful analysis which parts should be focused on, outcome was great  - I've successfully achieved my goal. Highly recommended" Yuki, Japanese and English Speaker, Auckland


Prices of Business English Lessons

NZD 850

for a course of

12 hours of private lessons. 

Online or face to face

NZD 480

per student for a  course of 12 hours if

there are two students

Online or face to face

NZD 80

 for a one hour private lesson.

Online or face to face

NZD 115

for a 90 minute private lesson.

Online or face to face

NZD 150

for a two hour private lesson.

Online or face to face

* Further prices available for groups of three or more students.

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Business English Lesson

Structure of 
Business English Lessons

Business English lessons can be done successfully either face to face or online. Depending on which topics and skills you want to cover, I might recommend face to face lessons only, but in most cases the lessons can also be done online.


Lessons can be either 1 hour, 90 minutes or 2 hours (face to face only for 2 hour lessons). You can do lessons on a casual basis, that is, book and pay for lessons on a week by week basis. Alternatively, you can pre-pay for a block of 12 hours of lessons for a discounted price. In this instance, the 12 hours of prepaid lessons needs to be completed in a maximum of 12 weeks. 

Business English Lesson
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