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Reading & Writing lessons and courses are designed to improve your English literacy, that is, your reading & writing skills. Reading materials can include newspapers, magazines, IELTS readings, formal written documents, academic papers, short novels or manuals & instructions. The actual materials used will depend on your interests and needs. 


" I really enjoy reading and writing.  I read a lot of novels as well as the newspapers each day, and my strongest skill in my second language, French, is definitely reading.  At university, I did  essay writing in history & political philosophy and have written reports and presentations in marketing and economics.  I also write short imaginary stories and do a lot of texting and emailing! "

Prices of Reading & Writing Lessons

NZD 980

for a course of 8 x 2 hours lessons.

Face to face only

NZD 70

 for a one hour private lesson.

Face to face only


NZD 130

for a two hour private lesson.

Face to face only

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Reading and Writing Lesson

Structure of 
Reading & Writing Lessons

Writing formats can include emails (formal & informal), essays, messaging (informal), formal letters, job applications, writing for fun, such as, poems, diaries and imagined stories. The actual writing formats we practice in class will be those that are most useful to you at work, study, or in your everyday lives.  In class we learn and practise the skills needed for the writing topic , then the actual writing is done for homework.   


Although, these lessons focus on reading and writing skills, speaking is also included as part of each lesson. 

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