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English / Mandarin Interpreting Services

We provide expert interpretation of documents written in English, to Mandarin speakers, either verbally or by written translation.  Our services include:

  • Interpreting at meetings, exhibitions and conferences.

  • Interpreting immigration/ visa documentation and  providing assistance with forms and application completion.

  • Explaining the detailed meaning of legal documents such as contracts, loan agreements, wills and affadavits.

  • Outlining the curriculum at a  NZ high school and providing assistance with the enrolment process.

  • Interpretation of Sale and Purchase agreements (including Real Estate), Memorandums of Understanding & Due diligence reports.

Interpretation services are provided by Daisy who has an IELTS (academic) Band score of 8.0, which includes Band Level 9.0 for reading.  She also has a Masters Degree in Finance and International Economics. In addition, she has 15 years experience working in the financial investment and tourism sectors. These qualifications and experience are valuable in providing you and/or your clients a uniquely high quality of service, especially concerning the interpretation of commercial and legal documents.

Prices of English to Mandarin Interpreting 

Prices range from $80 t0 $120 per hour depending on the duration and complexity of the work.

Inquire about our English to Mandarin interpreting services, by contacting Daisy directly at

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